2020 Cricket

by EGCOA, October 22, 2014

A new style of game has taken some of the cricketing world by storm. It is a whole new ball game, an enhancement of the one day game to make the game fast, furious and instant. It has had the effect of bringing a new audience to the sport. It is full of action and appealing to the younger crowd. The purists of the game don’t like it, but if it brings large crowds to watch cricket, it has to be good for the game overall.

Twenty20 cricket is claimed to have resulted in a more athletic and “explosive” form of cricket. In June 2009, speaking at the annual Cowdrey Lecture at Lord’s, former Australian wicketkeeper Adam Gilchrist pushed for Twenty20 to be made an Olympic sport. “It would,” he said, “be difficult to see a better, quicker or cheaper way of spreading the game throughout the world.”

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