Canadian golf consumer behaviour study

Canadian golf consumer behaviour study

by EGCOA, October 1, 2014

This study which was issued by the National Allied Golf Associations went deeper that most survey studies by using multi-variant questions to answer the important “why” and they used predictive intelligence as methodology.

One of the main conclusions is that time and money are not the actual market drives:

Time & Money: Not actually market drivers

True Drivers: Fun, social, challenge, pride, inspired, value

Engagement: More emotional, less functional

A clear message that golf should focus more on the emotional part and less on the functional to make people stay in golf. The Canadian research shows the benefits that drive engagement/spend. This underpins Maslow’s theory, showing the importance of the social needs in life which is very applicable for golf as well. Socializing with friends and family, membership in a community and having a shared passion for the game are stated as important benefits in order to increase engagement.(NAGA, 2012)

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