Foot Golf

by EGCOA, October 22, 2014

Who invented FootGolf and when?

The concept of FootGolf has been around since forever and almost everybody “invented” FootGolf somehow. Sports enthusiasts create different names (“soccergolf”, “footballgolf”, “kick-n-golf”, “footy-golf”, “footie”, futbolgolf”, “golfoot”, and more to come!), it is played as a GAME in parks, farms, on the beach or even on the streets, using different kinds of balls or devices and under their own rules. In fact, there are more than thirty countries playing it as a game at different levels and with different rules. FootGolf as a SPORT is played with a regulation #5 soccer ball in 9 or 18 holes on golf courses. Courses become accredited and certified by the AFGL as an official FootGolf course in the US. International rules apply at all times. More than twenty countries (the numbers started growing in 2011) are members of the FIFG and take it as a serious sport. Even more, most FootGolfers hope that FootGolf will become an Olympic sport in the next few decades.


Do I have to wear the FootGolf uniform each time I play?

No. The uniform is basically a classic golf uniform with wearing indoor soccer or turf shoes. Typical wear is a flat (Hogan style) cap, collared shirt, golf style pants, knickers or shorts, knee high argyle socks and indoor or turf soccer shoes. This style is not required all the time but, for an official AFGL tournament and events, it is required. In local leagues and other events dress is open to the organizers. Remember that most golf courses have a dress code for golfers and the same will be enforced to play FootGolf in their facilities.


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