Golf 4 Friends

Golf 4 Friends

by EGCOA, October 1, 2014


Youth Memberships for persons aged 19-29 years

Hørsholm Golf provider annually 50 pieces Golf4Friends memberships to people between 19 & 29 years.

The membership has an attractive price, and it also contains the special Golf4Friends benefit program:

Golf 4 Friends – All inclusive

  • Full Membership of Hørsholm Golf Club
  • Free play on all courts all days
  • 60 buckets of practice balls for use on the driving range
  • Golf4Friends benefit program and activities
  • Friday’s happy hour at the café
  • Create your own “Golf Circle” and get golfing *)
  • Make your own golf tournament and invite your friends **)
  • Participate in monthly joint training sessions at a special price
Kr. 4,500 annually (per. Calendar year)
The amount can be paid in 12 installments á kr. 395 per. md.

Golf 4 Friends members can provide both friends and themselves gift cards to shop, by creating their own small group (Golf Circle) members.
• 1 new member = kr. 300 – the gift card to shop for both
• 2 new members = kr . 500, – in gift cards to shop for all 3
• 3 new members (or more) = kr. 700, – in gift cards to shop for all **) Golf 4 Friends members can 1 annually make their own golf tournament. Hørsholm Golf Book tee times (5 continuous hours = up to 20 participants). The tournament will be held on the day of choice, which is available starting times. Tee times can be booked up to 6 months in advance. Players from other clubs pay half the green fee for participation in the tournament.

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