Rye, Hill Points 4 Golf

Rye, Hill Points 4 Golf

by EGCOA, October 23, 2014

One of the first clubs, if not thé first one, to engage in a flexible points system is Rye Hill. The points system has increase the number of members from about 700 in a not so densely populated area to 1.800. Their system is simple and effective. Members buy a number of credits in advance and by playing points are deducted from their inventory. When points are used it is simple to upgrade and buy another package of points. The more points a player buys in one go: the lower the price per point. The number of points that are deducted per round depend on the day of the week and the number of holes played. Making 9 holes rounds very possible and attractive. Why does my club need Points 4 Golf?

With memberships on the decline, and clubs losing on average 81 members over the last 2 years, it’s time to start bucking the trend. Points 4 golf offers an easy to implement, proven, flexible alternative to encourage them back. See how you could benefit.

How does Points 4 Golf work?

Points 4 golf offers you a flexible loyalty scheme that can be run within Crossover Technologies’ XPos system. It allows you to offer and manage a much wider range of membership fees, with the ability to “top-up” if the member uses all his points up. See some examples here.

Why do I need you to run this system?

If you are going to change the structure of your membership, you need to get it right first time. We’ll help you install and implement, and provide you with the software to manage and maintain at the touch of a button. Discover more here.

Has Points 4 golf worked at other clubs?

Points 4 golf has an established track record and is proven to work at other golf clubs. Find out what they think here.

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