Surf  Golf

Surf Golf

by EGCOA, October 22, 2014

It sounds like a riddle perhaps overheard at the X-Games: What does international surf star Laird Hamilton have in common with golf? At first consideration, these two sports seem as far apart as Waikiki and Whispering Pines; one celebrating the endless summer of youth and a certain awe for the thundering wildness, while the other is country club manicured and decidedly appealing to a demographic that is heading off to pasture.

But, with a new invention, the GolfBoard, destined to take over golf courses from sea to shining sea, and already available at Tetherow, the sports of surfing and golfing may find a fun and challenging commonality. More a surfboard—and decidedly less dorky—than Segway, the GolfBoard is essentially an all-terrain vehicle designed for carrying golf clubs and a single rider over rolling golf courses (riders can either balance their clubs on the front of the machine; “classic carry,” with clubs slung over a shoulder; or “free ride,” like rolling through a grassy skateboard park). Intended as a replacement for the golf cart, it is meant to provide an additional twist and demand to the otherwise leisurely “sport” of golfing. And, although officially debuting this spring and summer, the GolfBoard already has received accolades and a warming reception from the golf establishment, winning Best New Product award from the PGA and several hundred contracts from golf courses in North America.

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