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The VISION 2020 Project was developed to provide direction for golf course owners and managers across Europe. Throughout 2015 and beyond the EGCOA will be travelling across Europe and beyond to present the findings of VISION 2020 to EGCOA members association and golf industry associations and federations. If you would like to get involved or have VISION 2020 presented at your event please get in touch! We would be happy to share the Future of European golf with you.
  • November 2014

    VISION 2020 launch - EGCOA Conference Barcelona

    VISION 2020 was officially launched at the 2014 European Golf Business Conference in Barcelona. The project was received extremely well by delegates throughout the 3 day event.

  • November 2014

    FGCOA Finland

    VISION 2020 was welcomed with open arms by over 125 owners and managers at the annual FGCOA Conference in Helsinki on the 26th Nov. For more information about the Finnish Golf Course Owners Association click here

  • January 2015

    Dutch Golf Course Owners Association Conference

    VISION 2020 was presented to 300 Dutch Golf Course Owners Managers and industry professionals at the annual National Golf Course hosted in Amsterdam. The focus of the presentation was on the power of friendship and tribe in engaging and retaining golfers.

  • December 2014

    PGAS of Europe - Annual Conference - Turkey

    Lodewijk Klootwijk – EGCOA director ran a series of 4 workshops with PGA pros outlining the 4 key opportunities of VISION 2020 at the 2014 annual PGAS of Europe conference in Turkey.

  • March 2015

    UKGCOA - Golf Business & Industry Convention (Golfbic)

    VISION 2020 was presented to the over 280 delegates at the United Kingdom Golf Course Owners Association annual conference GolfBic. The two hour interactive session sparked excellent ideas and inspiration to run more family, female friendly, flexible and fun golf facilities.

  • March 2015

    German Golf Course Owners Conference

    Friendship was at the top of the agenda at the 2015 BVG conference hosted at Winston Golf in Germany. Lodewijk Klootwijk shared VISION 2020 key opportunity of Friendship and how the softer sciences of personal touch, community building and tapping into the basic human needs is the way forward.

  • April 2015

    EIGCA Conference – Scotland

    John King, Project manager presented the findings of the VISION 2020 project to a record number of attendees at the annual EIGCA Conference hosted this year in North Berwick, Scotland.

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